1.               Investment, Bid, Corporate & Commercial Work, Taxation, Labor & Employment, M&A

-        Advice and legal support on investment, establishment of commercial presence in Vietnam (project office, representative office, establish an enterprise with foreign shares investment) and legal assistance for activities of foreign companies in Vietnam.

-        Legal advice and support on bidding, guiding, operating and transferring the projects.

-        Advising and legal assistance on abroad investment activities and company establishment in USA.

-        Advice and legal support for foreign Agency on Tendering Procedures for the Procurement of a Sludge Tanker in Project “Improvement of Sanitation and Protection of the Environment".

-        Legal support for Power Machines on the project in Quang Ninh, Vietnam.

-        Advice and legal support the clients to research and present a due diligence Report in cooperate with an auditing company in M&A

-        Advising and supporting National Securities Incorporation (NSI), Woori CBV Securities Corporation on activities and software transfer.

-        Provide regular legal services to several corporations in Vietnam.

2.                Intellectual Property Rights

-      Provide regular legal services on copyright and related rights and other intellectual property rights such as: advice and legal support on Publishing Cooperation Contract to export textbooks from Vietnam to India, and advice our client on the transactions with foreign companys such as UK, Australia, China, Singapore.

-        Advice on the contract between our client and a corporation of Taiwan to supply electronic pen.

-        Consulting searching and registration of the trademarks of the companys and domain names corresponding in over 45 States and Territories (including the EU, USA, Japan, Canada, Russian Federation, Singapore, India, China, Brazil, Argentina, Ukraine, Korean, etc.). We also have associated with many lawyers and law firms in around the world.

-        Cooperation with Japanese, Amerian and Chinese lawyers and international Law Firms searching and registering trademarks, patents in Vietnam.

3.               Appeal, Litigation & Arbitration Proceedings

Our experienced lawyers have successfully represented clients before State competent authorities in enforcement actions in connection with international commercial contracts, civil and business transactions, trademarks and copyrights infringements to assure that clients’ Intellectual Property Rights are effectively and adequately protected.

Some notable cases are:

-        The case Plaintiff ‘Le Vinh’ v. Defendant ‘DIHAVINA’ and Co-defendant ‘Young Film Firm’ (1997 - 2001). Protecting ‘DIHAVINA’ and ‘Young Film Firm’ as Defendant lawyer in copyright dispute with DIHAVINA and Young Film Firm. The case Le Vinh vs. DIHAVINA & Young Film Firm is attracting much attention as a typical case of disputes over copyright in musical works between a songwriter and recording companies. It is the first time in Vietnam that both parties retain copyright specialist acting as their own advocates. The Court of Appeals of the Supreme People’s Court embarrassed to decide whether recording companies are permitted to use published works despite objection of copyright holders and how the royalty should be. Finally, Decision of The Court of Appeals benefit to Customer which reduce royalty and it was an important precedent for copyright enforcement in Vietnam.

-        Case Cambria Company (U.S.A) v. Pental Granite & Marble Company and our client (Defendant). Advice and legal support in associate with Lawyers and Law Firms in USA for our client on copyright dispute between Cambria Company and Pental Granite & Marble Company (an agency of our client in U.S.A). At present, the case is stayed pursuant to the Court decision based on the mutual agreement of the Parties.

-        Lawsuits Cambria Company (U.S.A) (Plaintiff) v. our clients (Defendant) in Minnesota and Cambria Company (U.S.A) (Plaintiff) and our client at U.S International Trade Commission (ITC) on design dispute. Advice and legal support in associate with Attorney in USA. This case is closed on February 12, 2017 base on the parties Agreement to dismiss this case without prejudice.

-       Representing and protecting our client as defendant lawyer in the dispute. In this case, our lawyer requested the Hanoi Economic Court to cancel the Vietnam International Arbitration Center’s award and the Court accepted. It is the first cancelation of VIAC’s award in Vietnam according to the Ordinance of Arbitration 2003.

-        Representing and successfully protecting our client as plaintiff lawyer in the commercial dispute at the Vietnam International Arbitration Center (VIAC). The Defendant requested the Hanoi Economic Court to cancel the VIAC’s award. The Hanoi Economic Court and after that the Court of Appeals of the Supreme People’s Court decided to refuse the Defendant’s request. It is the first case of successful protection of VIAC’s award from cancelation by Court.

-      Representing and protecting our client as plaintiff lawyer on the financial leasing dispute. This case is considered at Hanoi Economic Court, three times at the Court of Appeals of the Supreme People’s Court and two times at the Judges’ Council of the Supreme People’s Court of Vietnam

-        Advising and legal support our client for Accounting Software to resolve the copyright dispute with authors.

-        Advising and protecting our client as defendant lawyer in the case of copyright infringement of Software 2003. The Parties got mutual agreement to resolve the dispute at the Court.

-    Representing and protecting our client (nationality: Cyprus) as plaintiff lawyer in the dispute of commercial contract for supply of construction equipments at the Vietnam International Arbitration Center (VIAC). VIAC had issued the Desicion on Recognition of Successful Mediation of VIAC based on the mutual agreement of the parties. According to this Decision, the defendant shall pay our client the amount of USD 1,800,000.00.